Our collaborative research informs and shapes the innovation roadmaps of organisations across the world. We are advancing and applying learning to the benefit of national and international industry, 服务的提供, individuals and the general public.


Our education, research and consultancy are geared to making a practical difference in the world. Our research is relevant and is informed by our leading thinking. We work in close collaboration with many organisations to turn ideas and innovation into reality. By doing just that, we transform people, organisations and the world.


六个中的四个 女王周年奖 克兰菲尔德 has been awarded are for our work in making the world a safer place:

  • Large-scale soil and environmental data for the sustainable use of the natural resources in the UK and worldwide, 2017;
  • Safe 水 and sanitation for the world's poorest communities, 2015;
  • Aviation safety through research and training in air accident investigation, 2011;
  • 人道主义排雷,2007.



I’m proud of the fact that we can have an impact on what’s happening in the world. We’re not just making widgets or turning out stuff that might make a difference to individuals, we’ve got a chance here to influence the way the world works.

斯坦·柯林斯, Process Systems Engineering Laboratory Manager

Supporting international development

克兰菲尔德’s mission is to be a global leader in education and transformational research in technology and management. 然而, we also consider our role in transforming global agendas for social good an important part of this mission and are focused on empowering under-developed countries to utilise research to stimulate their economies. 例如, 克兰菲尔德 is leading a project investigating the hydro-social and environmental impacts of sugarcane expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa funded by the 贝尔蒙特大学论坛, a consortium comprised of the world’s major funders of global environmental change research.

Our links with Africa are long-standing and build on our research in tea production, 水, 农业, 灌溉, 土壤科学, 和生态系统. This can be demonstrated by example activity such as the 苏·怀特非洲基金, which supports African students to study at 克兰菲尔德 for a PhD award.

We also have a number of projects ongoing in other countries such as Brazil, China and India across a variety of disciplines, including informatics expertise to support commodity market analysis (e.g. 克兰菲尔德 World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue), capabilities in corporate sustainability and governance (e.g. 通过JDB电子游戏下载的 Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility), and significant contributions to innovation and entrepreneurship agendas (e.g. 通过JDB电子游戏下载 作家Bettany中心). 

因此, 克兰菲尔德 is committed to supporting the transformation of countries around the world using our expertise and knowledge in partnership.